A Brief Review of Procerin Hair Loss Treatment

Any hair loss sufferer who has ever tried to find some remedy for their vanishing hair must have come across Procerin. This all-natural formula is suitable only for men. It consists of oral pills and a topical lotion. The main active ingredient in the supplement pills is saw palmetto extract. This berry is often dubbed as natural finasteride, i.e. a natural dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blocker, having similar properties to men’s only FDA approved hair loss pill Propecia. There are also some other assumed DHT inhibitors contained in these pills, such as nettle root extract and pumpkin seed oil as well as a number of vital vitamins and minerals. The topical lotion happens to contain the same herbal extracts believed to block DHT as contained in the supplement pills. Other active ingredients found in the lotion include azelaic acid (first introduced by Xandrox and now available in a number of different hair loss products) and grape seed extract, which contains procyanidins often associated with inducing new hair growth.

When promoting Procerin, the main focus is usually on accentuating the beneficial effects of its main ingredient - saw palmetto. It is taken for granted that saw palmetto can effectively block DHT and thus protect our hair follicles from its harmful effects, despite the fact that not a single serious study has ever confirmed such claims. The same applies to nettle root and herbal oils rich in essential fatty acids that are so abundant in this product. The only two components that sound promising in this mixture are procyanidins and azelaic acid but further studies on a larger scale would be needed to confirm their efficacy in treating hair loss. Hence, it appears that the claims of Procerin's efficacy might have some flaws as well as the claims of its harmfulness, given the fact that many of its ingredients are known to cause allergies and various other, often serious, side effects.

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