Generic Finasteride vs Original Propecia

Undoubtedly, Propecia is the only hair loss pill that has been proven to regrow hair in a significant percentage of male patients suffering from hereditary form of hair loss. It also happens to be the best known hair loss drug and one of the best selling hair loss treatments available today. It is often blamed for causing negative side effects but the fact remains that it works better than any other available treatment for regrowing hair and its side effects, though not negligible in some patients, have been well documented. Propecia has been developed and patented by Merck & Co. as a derivative of Proscar, which is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement). Propecia contains only one active substance - finasteride and since it is not possible to secure a patent for a chemical substance and because Proscar came off patent in the most countries years ago there happen to be a number of generic producers of finasteride. They manufacture both, generic Proscar (5mg of finasteride in one pill) and generic Propecia (1mg of finasteride in one pill).

The question many hair loss sufferers are asking is of whether generic Propecia (finasteride) is as powerful as the original Merck's product. Although many believe that given the huge price difference they cannot be equal in their efficacy, the fact is they are as there is no specific delivery mechanism applied to any of them and their dosage is equal. There obviously is no difference between the chemical substances and their quantity used in both pills. Hence, the main difference remains to be the price, the colour and the form of the pills as they happen to be the patent protected property of the originator so that generic producers may not emulate their colour and form. However, the efficacy is the same so if you wish to save money on Propecia you are best advised to buy generic finasteride and you can get it in form of cheap 5mg finasteride pills under the name Proscar. It is needless to say you should buy it from an authorized generic pharmacy so that the pills are cheap but authentic and be ready to provide a prescription from your doctor. In most countries a hair restoration doctor can only prescribe you finasteride for treating hair loss upon recommendation from urologist and, hence, do not be surprised if you have to bear the full cost of such consultation.

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