Is It Possible To Grow Hair Faster?

Many people, for one reason or the other, wish that their hair grew a bit faster. Most of them take myriad of hair vitamins and believe they would help them achieve this goal. They can be useful with some consumers but their impact on their liver and kidneys may not be worth the improvement they achieve. A normal healthy hair grows approximately 1mm in three days, which is 1.0cm-1.2cm a month. The best hair vitamin will not help you speed up this growth by more than 1mm-2mm a month but its effectiveness will be short-lived. So if you are looking for a long term solution that would visibly speed up your hair growth for many months or years, then you need to try methylsulfonylmethane, also known as MSM.

MSM is an organosulphur compound that you can find in almost any living organism and it is abundant in fish, milk, grain, fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to its known properties of speeding up hair growth you can also find it in some composite hair vitamins and pills for maintaining healthy hair. You can buy it in stores in most countries of the world as a food supplement as it is believed to be perfectly harmless as negative side effects are extremely rare. Although there is no defined daily dose for speeding up hair growth most people would use around 800mg-1200mg daily. The effect can be usually seen already after a few weeks as MSM will make your hair grow as fast as it possibly can.

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