LaserComb and ScalpRoller – Could They Help Treat Hair Loss?

Many hair loss sufferers wish to avoid medicinal or even herbal hair loss treatments at all cost in their fear of negative side effects and are therefore looking for non-medical treatments. Hair transplantation involves a surgery and besides it being expensive it is not suitable for every patient and requires a lifetime commitment to medicinal treatments. Wigs, hair pieces and hair systems are also quite expensive if you include the cost of maintenance and replacement and are uncomfortable to wear. Hair loss concealers on the other hand are usually considered to be only a temporary solution, suitable for special occasions when you want to look younger and more attractive.

This is where LaserComb and more recently also ScalpRoller come in the spotlight. LaserComb uses low-level laser therapy, which has been used for more than two decades to speed up the healing of scalp injuries, to promote new hair growth. This device is not inexpensive but considering it longevity it is quite affordable. Although some people swear by it, it has not been proven to help regrow significant amounts of hair. A new revolutionary approach to regrowing hair seems to be through tiny scalp injuries that can induce new hair growth in the balding scalp. Although this approach has been known only for a few years and it is being still examined there is one simple product that is being available to the consumer already now. It is called ScalpRoller and it is a clone of dermarollers that are used to treat wrinkles and scars but it differs in the size and the quality of the needles. This product has not been in the market for too long yet so it is impossible to estimate its actual efficacy in treating hair loss.

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