Nizoral Shampoo as effective as Rogaine in Treating Hair Loss

Nizoral shampoo is a widely used and effective anti-dandruff shampoo that is often being mentioned also as one of the top treatments for hair loss. Hair loss sufferers have always been using Nizoral shampoo to treat inflammation, itching and flaking caused by ingredients used in various hair loss treatments and many of them have noticed improvement in hair growth as a result of using this shampoo. The main active substance in Nizoral shampoo is ketoconazole in concentration of 1% and 2%. Ketoconazole 2% solution has being shown in one small hair loss study to be as effective in promoting hair growth as 2% solution of minoxidil which is equivalent to Rogaine for women.

Although further studies would be needed to confirm these findings and to examine the actual efficacy of different concentrations of ketoconzole many hair loss sufferers swear by it and continue using it. Ketoconazole works better if you give it some time to get absorbed so if you are shampooing you head you should leave it in your hair for some 5 minutes or so before washing it down. Hence, it could be concluded that although there is some empirical evidence that the topical use of ketoconazole can help promote new hair growth there is very little scientific evidence it really does.

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