What Does Rogaine Do to Regrow Hair?

Rogaine is besides Propecia the best known hair loss treatment and it happens to be the oldest clinically proven and the FDA approved medication for hair loss. As it happens so often its hair growth promoting properties were discovered accidentally as minoxidil (the main active substance of Rogaine) has been used for years to treat high blood pressure in the form of Loniten. Rogaine can be used by both male and female hair loss patients and it has been shown to be effective in treating hereditary forms of pattern baldness as well as alopecia areata. Minoxidil also happens to be amongst the most frequently used ingredients in topical hair loss products. It is often said that Rogaine should be used in combination with Propecia to get best results as Propecia would stop the miniaturization process of your hair and Rogaine would help you regrow hair.

But does Rogaine really regrow hair? The fact is that nobody knows how it really works as its mechanism has never been described. But if you check the stand alone consumer reviews of Rogaine you will hardly find people saying that Rogain alone has been able to regrow their hair. Most consumers will say that Rogain helped them keep what they have remaining or that it thickened their hair. But those who use it in combination with Propecia claim to have seen significant regrowth. Therefore, it can be concluded that Rogaine (or Regaine as it is known in Europe) needs Propecia (finasteride) to honor its name as “regaine”, though the reasons and its mechanism of action remains a mystery.

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